What to expect from a KEY EXECUTIVES (KEY) Group…

What to expect from a Key Executives (KEY) Group…

Confidential peer advisory boards

  • Work on your most pressing issues with an exclusive group of 12-18 key executives from non-competing industries.

  • Sessions led by a highly trained executive coach.

  • 12 full-day meetings per year.

World-class speakers and events

  • Learn from experts at your advisory board meetings, regional events and boot camps.

  • Activate new ideas for business growth and personal development.

Specialized networks and communities

  • 24/7 access to more than 23,000 members across 20 countries.

  • Online and in-person communities organized by industry, function or geography.

  • Receive high-value answers to tactical questions.

  • Support, guidance, and recommendations from executives and subject-matter experts.

Representing over $250 million in total revenue & 900+ employees.

Ray Stasulli
Ateeco, Inc.
member since 2007 

Betsey Schmeltzle
Moyer’s Chicks
member since 2014 

Colleen Driscoll
John Yurconic Agency
member since 2016 

Doug Mancini
Liquid Interactive
member since 2017

Derek Reitnouer
Reitnouer Aluminum Trailers
member since 2010 

Megan Conrad
Fragrance Manufacturing, Inc.
member since 2015

Ernie Hughes
Taylor Air Center
member since 2017

John Raymond
JR Peters, Inc.
member since 2019