ASPIRE CONSULTING is 1-2-1 Executive Coaching


Why a Coach is a Valuable Asset.

Coaching is one of the leading tools that successful people use to be their best.  We will hold regular sessions to provide the structure, accountability, and focus that enable you to set better goals, explore bigger possibilities, overcome barriers and achieve greater success and satisfaction in any area of work or life.

My clients are successful, happy people who do not look at coaching as “needing help”.  Rather, like Olympic athletes, they recognize that having a coach gives them a competitive edge in reaching their full potential.

Benefits of Coaching:
The clarity that comes with having a focused conversation
Being listened to by someone who listens with your best interests in mind
Being challenged to go beyond where you would go yourself
Having someone you can explore options with
Creating an action plan that suits your life with the support and assistance of someone who believes in you

 As your coach I will:
• Encourage you to set the goals that you truly want
• Ask you to do more than you may have done on your own
• Keep you focused to produce results more quickly
• Provide you with the tools, support and structure to accomplish more


Coaching Readiness Indicators include a desire for:
A change in business/life direction
More satisfying communication with others
A move from thinking about challenges to taking positive action
Increased fulfillment and meaning in life
Gaining better clarity and focus about what you want
To shift from reacting to events to being proactive
Setting priorities so that you have time to nurture yourself and others you care for


Call for Action:
It starts with a decision to act.
Set up a 20-minute telephone call with me to go over this program and mutual commitments in detail.
If after that 20 minutes, you find yourself still leaning in, we can schedule a one-hour complimentary, face-to-face coaching session with me to go to work and learn what working together would be like for you.



The program focuses on behavior and measurable results.

Identification of your preferences:
Visionary vs. Integrator

Identification of your Signature Strengths

Identification of your core values

An assessment of your core business processes and effectiveness:

> People: Employee & Customer Retention
> Marketing, Sales & Operations
> Accounting
Articulation of your Vision:
“The Doable Dream”
> Three-year Plan: Goals and Targets
> One-year Plan: Goals, Targets and Delegation
> Identification of Performance KPI
(Key Performance Indicators)
> Conducting Effective Meetings:
Team and 1-2-1
Improving Engagement of Your Team


This program includes regular face-to-face meetings and telephone accountability calls. The rhythm of these calls is dependent on your specific situation.

The first step is a 20-minute telephone call to discuss the suitability of this program for the business owner/CEO.

The second step is a one-hour face-to-face exploratory session. There is no charge for this session.


• One face-to-face 90-minute meeting per month at the client’s location.

• One 30-minute accountability call per month, alternating with the face-to-face sessions.

• Short 10-minute sounding board calls are encouraged at no additional cost.